MCT Schoolhouse Trail

MCT Schoolhouse Trail

Connecting parks, forests, fields and neighborhoods from Madison to Troy, the MCT Schoolhouse Trail offers trailgoers a variety of scenic views as they explore our southernmost trail.


15.5 miles




Horseshoe Lake State Park in Pontoon Beach; Gateway Center in Collinsville; MEPRD in Collinsville; Drost Park; Park & Bike Lot at Route 162 in Maryville; Pleasant Ridge Park in Maryville


Route 162/Old Troy Road in Troy to Harrison Street in Madison

Points of Interest

Horseshoe Lake State Park, Metro East Park & Recreation District Office and rest stop, Drost Park, Pleasant Ridge Park, 1-mile on-road connector to Gateway Center

Trail Connections

MCT Nature Trail, MCT Goshen Trail, Horseshoe Lake State Park Trails

Schoolhouse Trail Map