Master Plan Information


The MCT Trails system is a safe, accessible, and unique network of Class I bikeways that connects Madison County residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to employment, education, shopping, recreation, transit, and other destinations.


  • Offer programs that enhance the experience of using the MCT Trails and attract new trail users.
  • Establish policies that support the development, maintenance, and operation of a safe, enjoyable, and accessible trail system.
  • Prioritize capital investments that are cost-effective, expand access to disadvantaged areas and populations, improve safety, and enhance the experience of using the MCT Trails.
  • Engage in communications that foster a positive image of MCT Trails and effectively promote MCT events, opportunities, projects, and organizational accomplishments.
  • Ensure that all residents and visitors are informed of and have access to the MCT Trails and their benefits.
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial organizational relationships that can be leveraged to support the vision of the MCT Trails.


MCT Trails Master Plan Executive Summary